Jumat, 15 Februari 2013

Catch The Red!

Lunar new year is always surround by RED color

They said red means spirit. Another said red means happiness. While the other said red means prosperity. So,, let's catch the red!

An old cigarettes factory in Semarang. Hand painted.
Can you see the RED?
we call this animal 'pong pong ndut'. Blow them and they will run. It seems so cruel on this little cute animal, isn't it?
Can you see the RED?
Some creature from street for your interior.
Can you see the RED?
The lady with awesome hair band and nice smile.
Can you see the RED?
Write the hope and tell to the world.
Can you see the RED?
Let's fight for friendship in happy moment.
Can you see the RED?
Yes! I catch the RED from this moment.

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