Minggu, 07 Juli 2013

#1st Night, Another Impression

It was late night when we arrived in Polonia Airport, Medan. After all the drama all day [ask me for the drama if you want to know] and two hours hungry sleepless in the plane,, finally we reached Sumatra land. *sujud sukur

I was go to Medan before for some project reason. I had bad experience in the airport. Actually, I don't like the way people offer us the transportation. Those people just like yell to us and compete to force us to use their service. So, I ask friend how to deal with my worries when I know that I will be depart in the evening,, or maybe late night if we have any delay. I can't believe that my new friends in Medan is very helpful. They offered to pick us in the airport. Who can say no?

Our first night in Medan was very nice. No yell from taxi driver. No coercion from service people in the airport. All we have that night was big smile, friendly ride, and new family. Big thanks to backpacker medan.

Lesson learn:
  • working trip and backpacking trip is so much different :p
  • never judge something before you feel it #selfnote
  • accept every possibilities and enjoy the progress *still learning

Sabtu, 06 Juli 2013


What is the best thing to cure a broken hearted? They said, move on baby!! Is it really true? Just do it and enjoy the road. So, I choose to move my body. Maybe some journey can make my body move. I wish that my heart can move either.

I have a week to move. I choose to take my backpack prefer than my luggage. I will backpacking. Yeay!
Medan, Pekanbaru, Padang. I've got ticket for those three cities. What will happen to me. I wish for the best. Will my heart fix? How about my journey? How is the road? 

Too many questions. Just take a breath, and enjoy the road.