Senin, 10 Maret 2014

My Multi-Function Travel Pouch

Hi,, this time Elmo will share some story to you.

This is the story about my previous trip. I had two plan for one trip. The first trip is Java Jazz Festival for Jamie Cullum Special Show. The next one is trip to Phi Phi Island through Phuket, the international flight. So, I need different outfit and i'm really sure I can't wash my clothes. The problem is I had no baggage for my flight and I'm sure I should use my backpack. So I do bring two outfit-pouch.  

This is one of my travel pouch. I have to roll all my outfit so I can bring more. Thank God beach outfit need thin fabric.

This is why I call it multi function. When I have to sleep in the airport, I can use this travel pouch with all of my outfit inside as a pillow. What a pouch :D

Psstt,,, I made the pouch by myself ;)

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