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breast is beauty - blanco museum (bali)

me: i'll have to visit ubud
friend: remember to visit the blanco museum
me: is that nice,,
friend: it's porn museum. haha,,

yes. the blanco museum is stunning. the gate is so friendly
we have to pay 30,000 IDR each for domestic tourist
in reception, we receive one flower. the flower need to hang on our ears. left for single and right for married
entrance the museum we are welcomed by nice park. then there are round gate.
pass the round gate, just like pass to other world.
the beautiful lady give us welcome drink. taste like lemon tea but more lime taste. 
while drinking the fresh welcome drink, we enjoy the bird and sit down and relax in chair under big tree
in blanco museum, there are two galleries. the antonio gallery and his son, marco gallery
antonio loves balinesse woman, especially her breast. he find the beauty of them. so antonio put it into his canvas and make it more beautiful in 2 dimension.
marco, doesn't like his father. he can paint apple, or something, and make some art thing. sorry, i not really remember the marco gallery

i don't really understand about paint acctually. but, i really enjoy in this museum. i love the park. there are some waterfall, the style just like victorian. i wish i can visit it again


  1. Hello Lintang, thank you for participating in my give away.
    I have been to this museum years ago when I was a student. It is a nice place to visit.

  2. thank you hany von gillern for this comment and for reading my blog :)
    nice to know you


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