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the exam

today is the last day of national exam for high school student. it have been 4 years. they have to past the exam to past the high school and go to the next level.
still fresh in my memory. some years ago. i have to prepare my exam. we come to school in the morning, and prepare everything. prepare ourself, prepare the pencils and eraser. prepare the admission card. and also prepare 'bocoran'. wakakakaka.
if back to that memory we always laugh out loud. it's seems like we don't confidence with our ability. even not all, but some of us depend the exam into the 'bocoran'.
this year, that thing still happen. my sister and her friends. do the same as me.
why this happen. the system makes the high school student only count by the exam. you just need to pass the exam. no matter what. just four days that count you form hundred days you have learn in school. so, some friend that only use the 'bocoran' always said, 'yg penting lulus'. :(

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