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And It All Ends Here

I've been waiting for so long, then you come. Yeay

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollow part2 as the ending is nice story. So happy I can enjoy it in Blitz with giant screen and great sound. I still scary to try the 3D because there's a lot nagine sceen on that movie.

Well, I'm not going to tell you how the strory. I just want to share my fave scene.

Snape. This guy seems so evil since the first book. But, in this end he show what he really is. I love this character actually. Snape have loved Lily since childhood and it continue until Lily has die and continued his love to Lily's son. Of course with his way,, and I think Snape has nice way to show it.
I love the scene to tell the world who is Snape really are. When Harry turn into pensive and watch Snape's memory.

The scene when Harry meet Prof Albus Dumbledore. When Harry have a choice to still alive or going somewhere nice. I like their conversation. When Dumbledore said that it's in your mind of course, but it's real,, what's the different

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