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passion and question

what you do for life? 
pertanyaan ini menggelitik. Tapi saya yakin bisa jawab. Cuma,, ya itu orang2 kebanyakan belum tentu bisa paham sama jawaban saya.

do you enjoy what you do?
saya pasti jawab yes, off course. But sometimes, people ask me more. And I ask myself more. And discover myself more. And get another question than answer

will you do what you do right now till the end of your life?
this question is difficult acctually. I even have no answer for this right now. I know I love what I do. But, I don't know if I have to do it until i'm old. Because I love freedom. And sometime, when we do something, there are rules behind.

This book helping me discover myself. About what I do now. About what I wish to do for my entire life. About my job. About my career.
This book asking me (again) about my passion. Make me discover (again) about passion.
Passion, something you love, you do over and over and over again,, and you never feel tired to do that.
And all the question above appear again in my mind

Thanks for coach @ReneCC for write this book. You are inspiring

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