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this post is dedicated for my experience this christmas

Thank God I meet with Christmas again. And thank God I learn something from this Christmas. I learn that life always goes on. And life always offers the thing. I am lucky because I feel the nice thing. Merry Christmas!

Life always offers some nice thing for everyone who believes it. I already get the experience and still enjoying the nice offer from life. God, the owner of life tell me time by time. It is great experience every time I realize, feel, and enjoy.

That winter, when the weather is cold and wind breeze so chill, I decided to let the balloon fly into the sky. It was hard for the first. I feel that the winter wind take the balloon back to me. And the bad decision I have made is I take the rope and hang again the balloon. Some time I hang it tight. At the other time I hang it loose. For more time I open my arm, just try to let the balloon fly again to the sky by the wind. But the next time, I take the rope of the balloon and hang it again. It makes me tired. Until I realize that there’s no benefit to always take the rope of that balloon. It needs some strong will to make the decision for let it go. Just let it go. Let the wind blows.

And yes I did. I can do it. I open my arm, let the rope, and let the balloon fly follow the wind, then the wind takes it to the sky.

I feel my hand so free. Even some other time, I wish I can hold some rope.

Then life offers me the great thing.

The wind still blow. But this time, it takes me another balloon. Not just balloon but balloons. Not just a color, but so many colors. This time, I still enjoy the balloon that dance with the wind. I already feel it in the sky and wait for the dance. I wish for the next time, I can get my balloon and hang it in my arm.
When I already lose, another thing is coming to me. Life is great, isn’t it. 

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