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have you come ??

Have a day to go, a car to drive, and family to cheers. Here we go

fried cassava
crunchy, sweet, hot
my favorite snack in Bandungan

wait until the dough become savory-crunchy snack
you can choose the contents - choco, banana, cheese, sausage

right in a way,, choose where to hang out and drink some soya

tahu serasi
special branded tofu from bandungan

big eat - nasi rames

the market,, choose your favorite

Only one hour from Semarang city, if I need fresh air to breath, just drive to south. Yeap, I come Bandungan. Always feel relax because the weather is so clear. [yeah sometimes, the air is poluted by smoke of the old public transport]. 

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  1. yg namanya kuliner ... hmmm ... nyam ... nyam ... nyam ..... ^_^


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