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Welcoming The Dragon Water Year

For you, who haven't visit Semarang, especially China Town Area [we often call it Pecinan], on this good day I want to share some story and picture about Semawis. Enjoy.

Welcome to Pecinan Semarang. This gate tell you that you have arrive. Enjoy your time!

On a day, this place is one of the busiest place for business in Semarang. In weekend night and welcoming Chinese new year this road become more attractive and be nice place to hang out.

I call this little liong. Look at these color. They are so cute. *imagine that they move right and left, jump up and down.

Chinese known with their giok and accessories. So, you can find it here. Be careful with the false one. 

Are you hungry and wish something delicious for your tongue? Take this chair, sit down, and enjoy your favorite menu. Halal food is available. But, you better ask first.

This guy ready to make you some handmade Chinese painting

Pisang plenet is sweet snack. It made from banana that have been plenet. So we call it pisang plenet.
Es hawa is my snack when I was in elementary school. Thank God it still exist. This ice contain by santan and chocolate. Nyummy. 

 Do you wish for modern souvenir. They have something cute on their display.

Lampion, lampion, and lampion. It's so chinese town, don't you

Chinese snack, chinese fruit, chinese doll for your display. Or chinese gift for your relatives.

 Try the tarot reading. Trust me, it's fun.


Need to dress up? They have many nice cheongsam. Look at their display.

Enjoy the Potehi Puppet Show. Little puppet that have their own story. It not held everyday, every hour. You have to find it more.

Find ronde cart in the end of the road. You can ask for hot ronde or add some ice for your ronde. It's a must have beverages you have to try when you visit Semarang.

Everybody is visiting Pecinan Semarang. How about you?

 See ya!

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