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New Year Trip

I know it's already March. But I still want to share my experience in last new year. Here there are,,,

The journey start from my hometown, Semarang. Friends already on their way to Surabaya from Jakarta by economic train. Me, wait in Poncol Station Semarang in the midninght. Waiting for the train to stop for a while and let me in to the train that usually full with people.
Something different that day. I can't pass by to the station because i didn't bring any ticket with me. The ticket is in my friend because i buy ticket jakarta-surabaya. So, i have to wait friend to down from train, take me in entry gate with the ticket, and let me in to station and off course the train. Nowadays is different. The economic train more human. No more people sit down in the alley, don't have any space to move. Economic train just like bussines train, but different chair off course.
After 6 hours, we already reach Surabaya. Welcoming soto and ice tea. Take some water to facial and tooth brush. We ready for the next stop.

From Pasar Turi train station, we move to Bungurasih bus station by city bus. We take bus to Purbalingga from Bungurasih. It takes about 3 hours. Reach Purbalingga, we take elf to the next destination. First destination about 1,5 hours. Long journey, don't you.
Viola, after ride into village in bad road, we reach Madakaripura Waterfall. The waterfall has some story about Majapahit Kingdom. There Majapahit statue in entry gate.
The road to waterfall is nice. We have to pass bad road, cross the river, up and down. The waterfall is so big. It just like big dome. You have to come see by yourself. Our pictures, mostly, is bad because the weather. Because the bad weather also, we can explore deeply into the corner of dome waterfall. There's some warning from the local guardian. Better follow the local advise, isn't it.
The local is right. After we achieve the enter gate, the rain come so badly. We have to wait some moment while eating indomie and tolak angin (popular instant jamu from Indonesia) to make our body warm.

Here we go, second destination, Bromo, Cemoro Lawang.
Bromo is so cold but also warm. I think everybody wish to spend their new year eve in Bromo this year. Last year bromo is quiet because of eruption. But, night in bromo always chill. I think it's better to sleep between friends that night.
At 3 am, we all wake up. We wish to welcoming first sun in 2012. Yeay. The jeep already pick me. Two jeep for 20 for us. It was the bad communication, but I don't want to tell it in here. Just be sure to communicate with the local about this.
Bad weather of  December still coming that morning. The sun feel shame to show it's bright face. The cloud dominate the red sky. But, i still see the beautifull magnificent paint of God in Bromo. Nice.
Come to bromo, you have to come to Bromo crater. The jeep take us near to the crater before we finish it by foot.
I was tell you that i was so close with Ranu Pane while i was visiting bromo. Nowadays, i already reach it. It was chill. The rain coming when we arrive. Unfortunately, the lake is covered by some weird plant. We take some walk and find another ranu (lake). My bad, i forgot the name. It was nice and covered by thick fog. But, still, i enjoy the fog.
The jeep take us again. Across the up and down bad road, magnificent ravine scenery, telletubies hill, savana, and also the desert. We back to bromo, and ready for the next destination.

We use elf to back to Purbalingga. From Purbalingga, pick up car is picked us up to go to Pekalen. My bad, i forgot the name of the village. It just one pick up that picked us up for 18 of us (2 friends back in Purbalingga). Don't imagine it as bad, we enjoy it so much. It was fun a lot.
We sleep in local home. Big home and nice condition. 
Next morning, we surprised with the durian, avocado, and rambutan. It's all nice and cheap. We also can peel the avocado skin without some knife.
What we do in Pekalen is rafting. The scenery is amazing. I feel unsatisfied. Because it feels so fast. Whereas we already rafting for 12 km. I want more.

The journey end up again in Surabaya. We already enjoy Surabaya and Suramadu. And also we enjoy friendship and togetherness. Share and explore together. Thank you to you my dear friends. :*

PS: photos more is here

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