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What Are You Looking For? (week holiday)

What are you looking for from a trip. Some looking for some pride about the places. Some looking for prove about their selves. Some looking for some friends. Some looking for experiences. Some looking for good pictures. Some looking for some stories. 
For me, trip is God's message. My every trip always remind me that God is really kind on me. And every time I in my life, for me is a trip with God. Yes, I know that God always by my side.

trip = menu list
choose what you want to enjoy, so many choices

trip = your food
pick your favorite, pick what you want to fill into your body, wisely

trip = enjoyable moment
even some chill taste, it makes the taste better and mix into the main taste dish

trip = sweet stories to share
share the experiences and memories, share the happines

it gonna be good if you wanna make it good

Those pictures are taken in Warung Pasta, Dago, Bandung

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