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My Photostory About Pati and Jepara

Meet old friends and memorizing the past, enjoying present and dreaming about the future is fun as always. And one more fun is we had opportunity to do short trip together. #thankGod

First stop is Eka's home in Banyutowo, Pati. It's about 4 hours from Semarang by car. The location is near north sea of Java. In the night we can just lying down in the car cap and enjoy the starlight. 

Warm greeting from Eka. All is fresh sea food form the ocean. Gonna see the sea.

 At the morning capturing sunrise is always nice thing. Waiting the change of the sky color from dark into bright. Awesome

 Walking down in the dock while take some photoshoot and talking about our bad habbit in the past :D

 Do some road moment. Look at the peace of the village area. Clean and clear and no traffic

See and interact with the locals. It's sunday, but they still do their job

 This is the embankment. And it became our playing ground that morning. Unfortunately we hadn't meet the shrimp. It's already harvested before we came.

 Next stop is Bandengan Beach, Jepara. It need two hours to reach it from our previous spot. The beach is so clean and white. We came when the sun really above the head (it's 12 o'clock). The view really bright that time.

 Mmmm,,, the water toys is really waiting for us. Can't wait to play with

 Went across the sea,, use small fisher boat. Panjang Island,, here we come.
We pay 100k idr for one boat for 5. Actually it just 10k idr per person if a lot of people come to Panjang Island. It was quiet because the ramadhan.

 Look at the greeting from Panjang Island !!

 Walk around the small and uninhabited island. All i see just the tree and the sea. The sun shines brightly above.

Back to Java Island,, Bandengan Beach. The playing time still continou with lotta fun.

Thanks to Eka, Sandra, Adit, Tri for the trip. Wish for more ^^

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