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Ubud In A Day

Ubud, I'm lucky to have opportunity to visit you again this year. One day is enough, even actually i wish more. Here's the story.

I use rent motorbike to reach Ubud. It's the easiest-cheapest way to reach Ubud from Kuta. And the plus point is I can use this motorbike around Ubud. But the fun things in Ubud is going by foot. Ubud is small village with many small cute arty places around. 

I get my guest house by go show. I have to pay 150,000 for a night. It's include breakfast. 

I get my noon meal at Babi Guling Ibu Oka. I choose nasi campur. Rice with so many Pork menu on it. Delicious and satisfied.

I do shopping on Ubud Market. I always have some offer in english while I'm trully Indonesian. Maybe those people just not familiar with Indonesian girl who travel alone.

I found library near the field where I can found so many books and read it in their reading room.

Early in the morning, I catch the morning breeze in the rice field. I do walk to Kajeng Street. It's behind the Starbucks. You just need to walk on this little road there and get the ricefield.

I also go to famous Tegallalalng. The google map told me the way. And i do pass the footpath with rent motorbike. It's fun. And i wish to do it again.

Time is up, and I need to go back to Kuta. Maybe next year I can meet with Ubud again. Would you accompany me?...

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