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When I feel the time still moving, everything around me keep on moving, and I feel like I'm just stuck here, God make me stop and see to my back. What I've done these years?

I remembered when I do my job for the first time. I was so young and childish (well, today I'm still young but little mature ;)). I see that all of my partner is professional mature young women. They are very cool. Some of them able to manage her time between job and family. Some of them is very happy with their single life and do everything they want to do. One I adore so much, is a thirties women that always spent her holiday to travel.

That day, after some weeks I work officially in that ward, fortunately I met her. She just come back from her vacation in Singapore. Her skin so tan and her smile so bright. She told us story about her vacation to all of us as a gift. I admire her so much and wondering, can I do a life like her?

Years go by. I'm not longer work in that ward. I met more people. I do my lovely job and not living half day in ward anymore for life. Then I realize, I've done more than that girl done in my life right now. I'm still twenties. Wow. I did and still do to travelling to many places.

When I ask to my life why am I stuck, I just realized that my life become my life I've dreamed about some years ago. I'm moving too. And I have to feel grateful because my life move to something amazing.

For the next years that waiting me in life, I just do the life. I believe that God has prepare my blue plot for my life. I have to do it happyly. 

always moving to the better. 

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