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Travelling in Indonesia is Challenging

Become backpacker in my own country, Indonesia, is much more challenging than in other country that I've been visited. In Indonesia everything can happen and unpredictable. There's no fix schedule for public transportation. There's no ATM machine everywhere. And sometimes, that people tricked you because you are traveller.

At ferry, on our way to cross Lake Toba

We had debate about our route today. The plan is back to Medan from Samosir. We wish to reach Medan before night. I wish to cross Brastagi to go to Medan instead use our previous route yesterday. Retta worried about the time.
When the people said it was 5 hours it can be 8 hours, and she was afraid that we can reach Medan before night. I've already call some friends that had experienced Medan before. We're also read friends travel journal about Medan. But, it was unpredictable. We debated that morning about our route.

Thank God, there's travel information centre in Caroline, our lovely guesthouse in Tuk Tuk, Samosir. We asked about the transportation, the time estimates to go, and the possibility about our itenary for today. I wish to visit Menara Tele [they said the view is amazing], Air Terjun Sipiso-Piso, and Taman Alam Lumbini for experiencing the pagoda. Retta felt the time will not make it. The distance between one object to antoher is far. The time estimate is about 2 to 3 hours.

The debate still continue that morning. It was 8 am. But, kakak in information center told us that there are many public transportation that can pick us to Panguruan. This lovely kakak and her friend offer us a ride to Tomok, where we can get the car to Simpang Ambarita first, then change the car to Tele. We said yes and jumped to the motorcycle. Lucky us. We met the car in the road, so we don't have to waste our time more to Tomok.

It was elf. There's so many people inside. We have to coincide-rush into each other to fix into the car. Then, I met Indonesia. I don't know everyone on it. But I can talk like old friend. About everything. About our trip, about their life in Samosir, about our thoughts. It was fun! This is one of the fun thing about being backpacker, in solo trip or in very small group. This time, just two of us. Thank you for being my travelmate. Thank you Indonesia.

- Dinilint -

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