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Medan In A Day

Medan reminds me about what I've done in the past. I had to visit Medan every month before head off to Nagan Raya. For the city for transit for a night, I just remembered Medan just as another big city in Indonesia. The traffic is not as crowded as Jakarta, there's so many big trees in some areas. But, the most memorable thing I've remembered about Medan is the people always said out loud. I remembered for the first time I arrived in Polonia Medan, the porter offer me his service in out loud voice, like people who get angry, and it were scary me. The another scary thing is when I've looking for the taxi. There's no enqueue for taxi. The driver compete to ask louder to me. Then I got my driver, his taxi didn't ready yet and I had to wait while he look for the way how to make his taxi arrive in front of me. And there's no argo. We have to bargain first. Ah,,, crazy.

It was little memories from my previous trip about Medan. I expect something different on my trip this time. Yeah,, because it's my backpacking trip. Medan, what you offer me?

The traffic in Medan is so crazy.
There are traffic lamp, but it's only for complement that it was big city. When you try ride a motorbike in Medan, you have to very be careful. People always try to find the way,, even it just some narrow split between car and building. My friends said that, it's '(M)edan' from words 'edan' (crazy). Hahahaha.

New place that makes me fall in love to Medan is Graha Maria Annai Velangkani. It is a church for every religion. Build by a pastor without any draw or sketch like usually architect done to build a building. The architecture is like Indian architecture. The pastor is from India too. Every build had some symbol. When you enter the gate, you'll see the road that like people who whorship (the head and both hands lay down to the main building). It is seven-level building that means the sky where heaven exist is very high. On the stairs to second level, there are pictures that tells about seven days of creation by God. Inside the hall there's many verse from bible that written in the upside wall. Every religion may come to this church. Lovely.

It was so adorable to see an old building inside the busy area of Medan. The building still very pretty and maintained well. It is Tjong A Fie House. We had to pay 35,000 rupiah to look inside the house. Tjong A Fie is one of the rich chinese people from Medan. We look up in hurry and I just admire the building. I forgot about the story of Tjong A Fie itself. Bad me :(

Everytime I go to Medan, I always visit Istana Maimun. It's like the symbol of this city. You can get souvenir from Medan here. Or try traditional clothes from Medan and take pictures. Or just looking into big building. Pay 5000 rp to look inside.

Actually trip for work and trip for backpacking is so much different. I enjoyed my trip this time. Thanks again for my lovely friends from Backpacker Medan. You are awesome.

- Dinilint -

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