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Warm Greetings From Samosir

"How long will you stay in Medan?" "Four nights including tonight." "What is your plan?" "No specific plan. Just want to meet Lake Toba." "Actually, three days is too short time to explore Medan. North Sumatra has so many attractive nature to explore. You'll only get so little in three days in North Sumatra." "Ouwh,,, maybe I need to be back here again next time. Wish for more opportunities to be back to Medan someday."

We depart at 7 am that morning. Our purpose today is meet Lake Toba. We took Sejahtera bus from Medan to Tigaraja harbour. The ferry that will take us to Samosir waited there.
Five hours in bus is not really nice experience. The bus doesn't have any air conditioner. People just smoke - the Medan people habit that I don't like so much. The view on the way just oil palm plantation. My activity on that bus only sleep,, looking around,, take masker to avoid the smoke,, sleep again. I even can't move my body because the chair is very narrow. But, one hour before we get approach Lake Toba, the view was very awesome. You can see Lake Toba from distance. Yes, no picture. You have to enjoy it by yourself.

We've stopped in Tigaraja Harbour. Two ferry ready in the harbour. One to Tuk Tuk and the other to Tomok. Tomok is the main tourism spot in Samosir Island. There are many souvenir shops, traditional house, Sigale-gale doll, king traditional cemetry, and museum. While in Tuk Tuk, there are many hotel and guesthouse to stay. After long hours in bad bus, we decided to stay a night in Samosir. So we choose move to Tuk Tuk.

It takes about 15 minutes from Tigaraja to Tuk Tuk. The ferry arrive every 30 minutes, so we don't have to wait for too long. The ferry took us through to our guesthouse. We chose Carolina. Carolina is very famous in google search - huehuehuehue - and we like to stay at traditional building. We paid 120k for a night in eonomy room. Even they said economy, but the room was very big and it has private bathroom. The bad just we have to climb to the hill to get our room. It's ok.

We rent a motorbike for 8 hours which is 80k. We go to Tomok, where so many tourist attraction there. We ate at the warung and enjoy delicious food. I taste ikan bakar and babi guling. For you who look for halal food, go to warung makan muslim that contains no pork. Yap, Batak eat pork.

Thanks God we've met new friends that feels like old friends in Tomok. That's one of the reason why I like do some trip. We play around Tomok. We like to explore while they waited for their fery at 4 pm to Tigaraja. 
After Tomok, we moved to Ambarita. We went to Siagillan Villege. In that place I heard story about Bataknesse that eat man in the past. Thank God it's not happen anymore today. We met some nice people in Siagillan, family from Jakarta, children, and Samosir people that help us to know the road.

Batak symbol = cicak and four breast
Cicak : Bataknesse can live everywhere in the earth
Four breast : prosperity

We close the day at Poppy. We like to have dinner here because we saw many books in their restaurant. We can eat while reading a book from there. You can sell your book and get another book too. They offered us international food and indonesian food. Delicious.


Lesson learn:
Before I've done this journey, there's some worries around my mind. I'm afraid about that, I'm afraid about this. But, after I've done it all,, everything just happen in a nice way. So, I told to myself, just do it, feel the process, and take some lessons. Life can always be nice all the time, but you can enjoy the sweet things.

- Dinilint -

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