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What To Do In Karimunjawa

This post is about Karimunjawa. This island located in the north of Jepara. Karimunjawa is the big island. There are many small islands. Most of the island is uninhabitated. The underwater is great. I think it's better if you dive there, but snorkeling is also fun.

What time is the best time to visit Karimunjawa?
They said the best season is September - November. Avoid Desember - Januari because the wheater is bad, it's rainy season.

How many days to travel in Karimunjawa?
For me the best time to spend is about 2 days on the island, 2 days full of snorkeling time. But, my friends that fall in love to this island can spend 2 weeks just lying on the hammock and do some diving.

How to get there?
Take fast boat from Semarang that take 3 hours, fast boat from Jepara that takes 2 hours, or ferry Muria from Jepara that take 6 hours. The schedule can be changed during the weather and wave condition.

What to eat?
Seafood is the best part of the island. If you are vegetarian, prepare for egg meal everyday. Vegetables are rare.

Where to stay?
There are many hotel, homestay, even resident house that can be rented. You can choose which one is your style, the comfy, the budget, or even just camping in alun-alun

What to do?
Snorkeling is a must! If you have diving certificate it's gonna be fun [I wish I have soon]. You should try hangout at alun-alun in the night and try local dishes.

Enjoy your Karimunjawa time!


  1. I love Karimunjawa. A totally under rated place in Indonesia.

    1. I love Karimunjawa either :)),,,
      Thanks for reading and leave comment Adam


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