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Pictures From Kelimutu, Flores, Indonesia

Kelimutu is so damn beautiful. I have lots of pictures and photograph. Off course from an amateur. 

Selain cerita yang super menyenangkan dari Kelimutu, aku masih punya banyak gambar bagus dari Kelimutu. Terima kasih untuk bapa Markus yang berkali-kali pencet shutter kamera ;)

Kelimutu has stories. You can read it from the picture.

Meet the locals at the top of Kelimutu. He wear traditional fabric from Flores. It called tenun.

This is Bapa Markus. He lead the way to the top, to Lake Kelimutu. 

This is the way to the top of Kelimutu, to see Lake Kelimutu.

There's a trash bin on Kelimutu. Please do litter your trash on the bin.

One thing that I always remember about Kelimutu is about the people. They believe that this beautiful Kelimutu is created by God to every people in the world in every generation. So, they have to take care of Kelimutu. It's one of everyone's treasure.

See you again, Kelimutu!


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