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Stay in Uninhabitated Island

Have you been watching Cast Away? Do you remember how Tom Hanks survive in island by himself?

After watching that movie, I wonder how it feels. So I think there are many island in Indonesia that can show me how to experience live in the island. Small island with white sand beach, coral, coconut tree, and the sea off course. Let me tell you about my experience stay in Seraya Island, the uninhabitad island.

Even there are no electricity, regular signal, and only few people that live in that island, but we have to book our reservation through email. Some of the local manage about stay in Seraya Island [I forgot, you can googling for email :P]. We have to meet in on of the hotel in Labuan Bajo at 11 in the morning. That day, there are more than two of us that will stay in Seraya that night, some travelmates from Europe come with us. Wait,,,, why is it only me and my sister that have dark skin. Huhuhu.

We have to use little boat from harbour to go to the island. It's about 30 minutes through wonderful scenery. I have no words to describe about this, it's more than awesome. The island is small, contain of white sand beaches, and I can see the coral when I sat on the boat. I can't wait to jump and swim.

After we have finished with the booking things (the key-which feels nothing for us because the key didn't work in our bungalow, the menu order- we have to book the menu one hour before we want it to be served because only two men that serve us in that island because that time is holiday,, their big day, the bungalow - our bungalow is far away from the restaurant, a place where we manage the book, order for menu, just sit and relax, center of everything in that island), finally we feel the sea. We rent mask and snorkel from the island. The problem is my sister can't swim and there are no life jacket to rent. So, I have to wait to my sister to learn about swimming. Actually it's easier because water in sea is so different with water in swimming pool.

After so many hours, thank God, she can swim :'). So we spend the day with swimming, snorkeling, lying on the beach, and eating. Yeay! Most of the menu is western, which make us miss nasi. Huhuhuhu.

Fresh water only come in the afternoon after the genset is on. And the fresh water not always on. One time we have to move to bath in restaurant bathroom. I'm wondering how most of the blonde hair is okay without fresh water. I saw them hanging around with same clothes too.

At night, the genset is off. So it was totally dark. Mmm,,, not totally actually, because you can see many stars in the sky that shine so brightly. This is rare view in the city, isn't it? We just sleep in comfy bed, without mosquito around. Or,, it just us that too tired?

Morning in the island is amazing. The sky is turning red, orange, yellow at the same time until you can see the blue sky and white cloud playing around. In the morning you can see the coral without have to do some snorkeling. You have to walk closer. The water is gone in the morning. But when the water come, don't try to swim there. There are many jellyfish that will sting you. We had experience it and it's not good :(.

The must do in the island is hiking around the island. There are small hill in back of the bungalow. Well, I remembered about Doraemon and small hill behind school. We climbed the hill, move to another hill. Actually the small island not really small,, and not really uninhabited. We reached small village, the fisherman village in different area of the island. There are only one public school for elementary school. The children was so friendly, but in the end they asked for pen. But, we had no pen that time :(. Actually we looking for local food, but we hadn't get any. We have to back to the restaurant in different side of the island to order the food, wait, then can eat after about (one hour hiking, one hour got lost, one hour wait for the order) three hours.

This is one of priceless experience of us. We want to try again, in different island for sure. Anyone?  


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