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I'm Proud To Be Part Of This Nation

There's always reason for everything.
I admit that.

So, there's reason why I have to be born in Indonesia and to be Indonesian.
When I was child, I ask why am I should live in this country. All I heard about this country that time, only the stuck things that can not be fix by us, the people, or can I call it 'wong cilik' in Indonesian bahasa. They told me that it would be so hard for me to live in the future. The competition between Indonesian that limited with people from around the world. And I wonder, 'is it true?'

After so many years pass by, I learn more about the country I'm livin, Indonesia. I try by read some books about this country. About how Indonesian and people who live in Indonesia life. About how Indonesian that live a life in other country. About Indonesian who known by many people in the world. I try to travel around my hometown, Semarang, Central Java. I learn about the weather, the condition, the culture.

Many years pass, many kilometers I had done, many smiles I receive. I have no about Indonesia, Nusantara better yet. There's so many question still around my mind. But, slowly but sure, I'm continously fall in love to this Nusantara.

Thank God, this year I can experience optimism about Indonesia. This year we really celebrate the democration and can call it democration party. We do it happily. I feel the peace all over Indonesia.

I just know so little, and there's more journey I have to take to know more about Indonesia, why am I born here, why am I called Indonesian, why am I live in here. In the same time, I also feel grateful to be born in Indonesia, to be called Indonesia, to live in Indonesia.

Dirgahayu Indonesiaku!!

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