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Swimming With Jellyfish in Kakaban Island, East Borneo

In early August I have opportunity to visit East Borneo. I had Derawan Island and surround in my wishlist. Lucky me, I can enjoy these islands in perfect moment. After lebaran holiday for mostly people in Indonesia, the island is just quiet. This is the review through pictures.

It's not easy to reach Derawan.
We have to get flight to Balikpapan and another flight with 100-pasanger-airplane to Berau. We need to do road trip for about 2-4 hours to Tanjung Batu. We need to cross the sea by speed boat for about 30 minutes. We use small boat because it's only the 2 of us.

First stop is Galau Island. Yeah, they call it Galau, because the island like to move. It just white sand that become small island.

Maratua. There are resort here that cost some money. The view is wonderful

can you see the jellyfish?

Kakaban Island. This island is special and unique. You can play with jellyfish freely in this island.

never put jellyfish outside water

This is the stingless jellyfish. It feels like real jelly. You can touch them in the water. In the water only, so they still can play and alive.

Play with white sand in Sangalaki Island.

the baby penyu

Play with tukik, the baby penyu. There are penyu conservation in Sangalaki. The white clean beach is the ideal place for mommy penyu to lay eggs. Sangalaki have it.

baby penyu wanna be

Sangalaki have wonderful coral too. The wonderful thing is you can see it from the boat because the water is so clear and calm.

You also can do diving here in Derawan, Maratua, Sangalaki. I wish I get my diving license soon. I enjoyed so much snorkeling and island hoping here.

floating room where I spend the night at Derawan

You also can reach Derawan from Tarakan. The boat from Tarakan takes about 2 hours to Derawan.

We wish for more luck moment again.


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