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It's been a semester when I decided to re-enter formal education. I continue my journey on my education into magister class of health promotion.

So, after decide to choose music as my life, one day I had question about "what should I do in this life?". I can't answer my question. I think I haven't do something to this world, to my country, to family, even to myself. 
Instead do my dream to feel how it's like to have work and holiday visa for a year in new country, I choose to re-enter to university. I continue my study from nursing, public health, and now health promotion.
Now, I had pass my bad times in the last first semester, and still doing my second semester happily. I feel grateful because I do something for myself. I keep on studying so my brain still working and (I wish) balance (because I do music mostly).
If they ask me, what will I become after graduate,, I can't easily answer it. I haven't know for sure yet. But I know I have more choice to choose.  

Pilihan membuatmu berdaya! Jadi ini adalah pilihan untuk menciptakan berbagai macam pilihan yang bisa dipilih.


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