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Cottonwood Bed & Breakfast House Bandung

Have a good sleep in a good place with good rate, why not?

The Industrial Room
Stay a night in a home that far from home. This Cottonwood bed & breakfast
become my choice while I have time to spend the day in Bandung. Beautiful design, friendly ambiance, and cozy feeling.

Sunbathing in balcony

The cute aisle

Our snack

The shadow

Little details

Common room
I came to Bandung by train, so I arrived at Stasiun Bandung. I used taxi and pay about 35k rupiah to get to Cottonwood bed & breakfast house. When I need to going around Bandung, I also took taxi and pay another 35k thousand until I reached Cihampelas street where Cihampelas Walk happen.
It was nice stay. The service was good. The food was great. The weather is very cozy, especially in the morning. I wish I can stay in another room because they have different theme of every room.

love cozy place and delicious good


  1. A lovely place.. I want to check it out on my next trip! :D Thanks for the tip

  2. Yeah! Yo put it on your list. Thank you for read and leave comment :)


Thank you for reading and leaving comment :)