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Nusa Penida Photo Story

We spent about 3 nights in Nusa Penida. Actually there's lotta pictures that we had take, but let me choose some and tell you the story.

first stop: Toyapakeh
Toyapakeh is place where we stay. There are a lot of guesthouse here and also warung for lunch or dinner. Toyapakeh also have a harbour that can connect us to Sanur, Bali.

The people here like to sleep early, so if we want to eat dinner we have to find it before 8pm to get the best meal
we used motorbike to explore the island
we used no guide, only guidence from that green direction
and off course ask local people
meet cute local people
Balinese like to do some ritual related to their religion
Lucky us to meet them in our way, actually when we was lost our way to the beach. Haha
Broken Beach
or the local call it Pasir Uwu
I think this is the most iconic picture about Nusa Penida
Everytime I looking at the internet about image of Nusa Penida this picture always show up

Next to Broken Beach there are Angel's Billabong
Swimming here is wonderful experience
If the weather friendly, you have to try it!
Kelingking view point
Kelingking means pinkie finger, the smallest finger of all the fingers
Maybe they named it Kelingking because the beach looks so small yet very gorgeous
Cyrstal Bay Beach
They said this beach is perfect for sunset
Unlike another beach, there are some warung that sell what you need to enjoy sunset like beer or pisang goreng
Snorkeling time with buddy
Snorkeling in Nusa Penida
Our priceless moment in Suwehan Beach
If you don't like beautiful white beach in privat area which mean there just only you and your friend in the beach, if you don't like to hear the sound of the wave and wind, if you don't like to walk so far, actually not only walk but also hike and climb, so you don't have to put Suwehan Beach on your list.
There are a lot of hills in Nusa Penida
This is one of them
picture from Atuh Beach

Thank you for reading and enjoying our Nusa Penida Photo Story. See you!

Note: some of the picture is taken by my good travel buddy Fajar & Adit

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