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Where To Go In Nusa Penida

Last month I have a chance to visit one beautiful island in north Bali. It's called Nusa Penida.

the must take picture place in Nusa Penida, Broken Beach
 Nusa Penida looks so small and it seems over after one or two days visit. We thought that too. But, actually this island is full of surprise.

We use public boat named Maruti that berth in Toyapakeh. It just like little port. The clear sea water and white sand is welcoming our trip to Nusa Penida.

We stayed near Toyapakeh, so we just need to walk to our place of stay.

We spent our first afternoon in Toyapakeh beach, enjoy our meal and sunset.

Our first day is beach hunting day. We have to pass bumpy road to Broken Beach. I don't need to explain more if you have see the picture, don't you? Near Broken Beach there are Angel's Billabong. In my opinion, you have to SWIM there!!!! One of my friend didn't do that and she is regreting that until now.

Then we go to Kelingking Secret Point. Wonderfol point with wonderful view.

Our next beach is Cyrstal Bay. The water is really clear and the coral is soooo goooood. We didn't need a lot of struggle to reach the beach. We just need to park our scooter then just jump to reach the beach.

Our second day is snorkeling day. Yeay. We already make some deal with the locals. We paid about 900K for five person. We got boat for five,, that actually can accomodate until ten, the snorkeling gear, fin, and also the guide.

Snorkeling in Nusa Penida is wonderful. The coral is great, the fish is wonderful, even if we are lucky we can see manta around us. You can also snorkeling in Nusa Penida if you want to go from Sanur, Tanjung Benoa, or Nusa Lembongan.

We just need half day to snorkeling ,, the wave is amazing so we don't need to stay too long at the ocean. So another half day is go to the Gamat Beach. Surprislingly the road to Gamat Beach is so challenging. We need to walk about 20 minutes to reach the beach.

Must do in Nusa Penida, enjoying the sea with snorkeling
Our third day is another beach hunting day. We picked Suwehan Beach as our first stop because they said the acces is more than challenging. We need to down the cliffs, The cliffs is steep. But the beach is beyond awesome. You have to try it by yourself.

On our way to Suwehan Beach we pass by the beautiful hill. Maybe that is the famous Telletubies Hill. We also stop by to Abangan Beach where we can see the island from the top.

Our last beach that day is Atuh Beach. They said it just like Raja Ampat, or some call it Pulau Seribu. Whatever it's name Atuh Beach is wonderful. We stay for some time there and it's hard to get out from that beach, remembering that is our last sunset too in that island.

We have to say goodbye and do some last dinner in one of cozy cafe in Mengiti, the busy part of the island. It was one of our best menu in that island.

sunset in Nusa Penida
We really said goodbye the next day with morning boat. Another Maruti boat that cost 75k to Sanur. 

Bye Nusa Penida,, we wish to see you again.

Note: more pictures of Nusa Penida on the next post
          pictures from Fajar & Adit


  1. Wuiiihh...ternyata mbaknya tukang jalan-jalan..


  2. ahhhh....bulan lalu gak jadi ke nusa penida padahal udah sampe klungkung....

  3. tinggal nyebrang yo mbak MIA KARMILA

  4. salam kenal mas BUDY ala2,, selamat jalan-jalan


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