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Being Part of CSIF 4 (CouchSurfing Indonesia Festival) Jogja

For me being part of the community is great feeling, being part of big community is awesome. When my community which I join is held national festival which means all of the member of community around Indonesia even from other country is gathering together, I think I should go and join. I think it's gonna be great.

I have join couchsurfing (CS) for some years. Well, I'm not sure how many years I join this big community. All I can remeber is the facebook remind me about our friendship with some Semarang CS fellas is about 3 years. 

So what is CS? CS is hospitality community for me. I found it first from the travel book I read many years ago and find out what it is. I joined in the web, register my name, and viola, I'm part of the community. Can you imagine that you have somebody that become you brother and sister around the world? That thing is interesting, right. So here we are in CS.

So the CSIF is some kind of big festive that being held by some CS member in some area. This time Jogja. Yeay. Jogja is about 3 hours from my hometown, Semarang and that time I had free time. So I join the crowd.

There are a lot of schedule in this CSIF. Actually I didn't join the first day when they held another reminder about what really CS is and opening ceremony that was filled with pencak silat performance from some region, include from our-not-indonesian-friends (pencak silat is Indonesia local self-defense art). It sounds interesting, but day one of the CSIF I spent to meet friends that live in Jogja. 

On second day, we separated into different group that we can choose by ourselves. I choose join Journey To The West. It's like the mission to go far away to find out the bible (remember Sun Go Kong and his fellas? :P) so I take the chance to go. I'm going to make another post about this, because it deserve one blogpost.

On third day we do Relung Jogja, it's kind of a little bit amazing race. We got some pictures that we got from instagram and find out where is it exactly. We have to take selfie to proof that we found it and later we have to tell the story at closing party. I still consider do I need to write post about this relung Jogja or not. 

After our hard work finding these and those, we were going to the beach for closing party. That night the commitee surprised us with the local dangdut diva. There are live dangdut performance and everybody went crazy to dancing at the beach. I wonder why most of the Malaysian CS love dangdut very much. Even after the event, they still looking for local club that perform live dangdut. Ckckckck.

Well the festive is over, but I always remember that I have fun with this. Thank God I'm being part of CSIF4. I love the thing that I have so many brothers and sisters. I wish I can make it on CSIF 5.

Dini L.A.


  1. I heard a little bit about CS from a friend, but I didn't know about the gathering. It's interesting to see what we have can amaze others, like dangdut.

    1. CS have website, facebook page, and even application for smartphone,, you can check it all the activity and know each other on that.
      Yes,, they are really crazy about dangdut,, hahahaha

  2. Halo hi ^^
    Just found out you're CSer too ^^

    Iam now at Lombok have also found 3 other CSer mate..

    Hope you can visit Lombok soon and we can hang out together ^^

    1. Sure! I'll let you know if I'm in Lombok a.s.a.p
      I miss Rinjani already


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